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vn cup 2022 bronze winner

Long distance girlfriends Uni and Nuña are aching to meet, but neither of them can afford the plane tickets. Willing to do anything for money, Uni participates in a research study to have her brain uploaded into a computer... irreversibly?! Oops. But we can still hook up though, right? 😗


length: 10-20 mins

cw: death, blood (nothing super graphic)

art+music+writing by mel (me), additional art assistance by petra (my homie)


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Authorlisa m.
GenreVisual Novel


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Cute and chaotic, cuteoic.

hey thank u everyone T_T


Woooooo, I absolutely LOVED this ! Almost never played any visual novel, so didn't have really any clue about what to expect... but damn was it good ! The humor is really great, the random fart sound effect coming out of nowhere and the minecraft glass breaking sound effect were so unexpected but made me laugh so much lmao. I played this in voice chat with a friend, we bursted out laughing very often, and actually all the typos in it gave it so much charm... I can clearly see the 8eyes inspiration in this but it's still it own very thing, which is great !

The ending tho lmao, the whole game made no sense but the storyline was actually good and the atmosphere with all the drawings and sound effects and music and all was great ! I actually loved the art style a lot, and all the drawings were lovely ! Really cute story yes I highly recommend it, not too short not too long, just the right length, and just as it needed to be ! Please play it !!!

Goodness, what a fun little VN this is!  The humor in it really shines: Despite how macabre it is at a few points, I found myself giggling quite a lot, heheheh.  Speaking of which, for as much as it feels almost cartoonishly goofy at times, the sound design in the more tense segments does an excellent job of cementing their more serious atmosphere; the section where Niña arrives in the lab, realizes what's happened, and freaks out stands out in my mind here especially.

All in all, fantastic work here!  It's easy to see why this VN was one of the award winners, heheheh~

This vn is both goofy funny and sweet. The end sequence got me a little emotional. It reminds me of how the early episodes of digi charat made me feel. The story is to the point, differentiating between characters and setting really well. The transitions make this a lot of fun to experience. It almost doesn't seem like a vn, but a short little animated oneshot episode. The sound and visuals are adorable, and the writing style makes the characters pop in a way they couldn't without the casual text-speak. This vn will be getting a few replays from me as it's such a fun time. 

this was so cute and funny i love it so much!!!!!

short and sweet love story game! i loved the music and the art and humor and im looking forward 2 any other projects u make!! great job ^^

super incredibly funny some of the transitions and sound effects killed me This ismy favorite visual novel as of right now (7/6/2022 2:24AM) SUPER FUNNY really good